The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller

Garry Keller wrote this book the One Thing. It’s an amazing book that I’m reading again. I think that everyone should read it at least three times a year. It’s so powerful. Garry explains how important it is to focus only on one thing at the time. It is powerful concept, so easy and simple.

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Yet, only few people understand it. 

Equality is a lie

Understanding this is the basis of all grades decisions. When everything feels urgent and important, everything seems equal.

We become active and busy, but this doesn’t actually move as any closer to success. Activity is often unrelated to productivity, and busyness rarely takes care of business.

Success isn’t a game won by whoever does the most. Yet that is exactly how most play it on a daily basis. Achievers always work from a clear sense of priority.

Multitasking is a lie

It turns out that high multitaskers are suckers for irrelevancy. They are outperformed on every measure. It’s backed by science. A lot of research have been done to find out how working on more then one task at the same time effect our attention and afficiency.

People can do two or more things at once, such as walk and talk, or chew gum and read a map; but, like computers, what we can’t do is focus on two things at once.

Our attention bounces back and forth. Multitasking didn’t arrive on the scene until the 1960s. It was used to describe computers, not people.

Researchers estimate that workers are interrupted every 11 minutes and then spend almost a third of the day recovering from these distractions.

Multitasking takes a lot of afford and energy. We naturally want to save our energy that is why switching from one thing to another is so difficult and in the end you feel exhausted.

People who regularly multitask, don’t get their job done properly. They could know it so well that they work on autopilot. However, if they have to deal with something unusual or they check their email, it takes time and energy to get back on track.

“Multitasking is merely the opportunity to screw up more than one thing at a time.” Steve Uzzel

How many things do you do at once? Do you multitask? How do you prioritize what’s most important? Or you do first thing that came to your mind?

Adam Wojnar

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