Will Power by Roy F. Baumeister & John Tierney

Poor self-control correlates with just about every kind of individual drama losing friends, been fired, getting divorced, winding up in prison.

Willpower like a muscle becomes fatigued from overuse but can also be strengthened over the long term for exercise.

Failure of self-control: compulsive spending and borrowing, impulsive violence, and achievement in school, procrastination at work. Alcohol and drug abuse, and healthy diet, lack of exercise, chronic exactly, explosive anger.

Poor self-control correlates with just about every kind of individual drama losing friends, been fired, getting divorced, winding up in prison.

Ask people to name their greatest personal strengths, and they’ll off and credit themselves with honesty, kindness, humor, creativity, bravery, and other virtues even modesty. But not self-control.

You can put off any job by chicken email or Facebook, serving gossip site, or playing a video game.

The researchers concluded that people spend at least a 50 of their waking hours resisting desires between three and four hours per day.

During the middle ages, most people were peasants who put long, dull days in fields, frequently accompanied by prodigious amount of ale.They weren’t trying for promotions at work or trying to climb the social ladder, so there wasn’t a premium on diligence.

Their villages didn’t offer many obvious temptation be on alcohol sex or plain old sloth. Virtual was generally in forced by the desire to avoid public disgrace rather than by any zeal to the chief human perfection. In the mediaeval Catholic Church salvation and the depended more on being part of the group and keeping up with the standard rituals then on here I like willpower.

Napoleon Hill sold millions of copies of think and grow rich by telling people to decide how much money they wanted, write a figure down on a piece of paper, and then believe yourself already in possession of the money. These guru’s books would go on selling for the rest of the century, and the feel-good philosophy would be distilled to a rhyming slogan, “believe it, achieve it”. Popular phrase from 1960s: “if it feels good, do it”.

In bestsellers like I’m okay, you are okay, and Awaken the giant within. But the eventual results were disappointing, but inside and outside laboratory.

While international surveys show that the US eight –grade students had exceptionally high confidence in their own ability, on test they scored far below Koreans, Japanese and other students with less self-esteem.

Study showed that intelligence was obviously an advantage but self-control was more important because it helped the students to show up more reliable for classes, start their homework earlier, and spend more time working on less time watching television.

People with good self control seems exceptionally good at forming and maintaining secure, satisfying attachment to other people.

The strongest evidence yet was published in 2010. In a long-term study, much larger and more thorough than anything done previously, international team of researchers track to 1000 children New Zealand from birth until the age of 32.

Each child self control was rated in a variety of ways through observation by researchers as well as in reports of problems from parents, teachers, and the children themselves. This produced and especially reliable measure of children’s self control, and the researchers were able to check it against an extraordinarily wide array of outcomes through adolescence and into adult heard.

The children with high self-control grew up into adult with:

Lower rates of obesity, fever sexually transmitted disease, and even healthier teeth. Good self-control includes brushing and flossing teeth.

Self-control was irrelevant to depression, but it’s lack made people more prone to alcohol and drug problems. The children with poor self-control tended to wind up poorer financially. Good self-control Eagles stable marriage, raising children in a two-parent home. Lower levels of self-control means more than 40% had a criminal conviction by the age of 32, compared with just 12% high self-control.

Lower self-control means sicker, poorer, and more likely to spend time in prison. The results couldn’t be clearer self-control is a vital strands and key to success in life.

Using your will consumes energy, even if you don’t move for hours. Human brain makes up 2% of the body but consumes more then 20% of its energy.

Joke from a professor: “apparently, the students could either get their homework done or change their socks every day, but not both”.

Exam period for students at university means stopping exercising; smoking more cigarettes, caffeine into a doubles, drinking more coffee, tea and alcohol. They simply stopped worrying about unhealthy, fattening food when they were focused on exams. They also become less concerned about returning phone calls, washing dishes, cleaning floors.

What is dressed really does, though, is deplete willpower, which diminishes your ability to control those emotions.

1.You have the finished amount of willpower that becomes depleted as you use it.

2.You use the same stock of willpower for all manner of tasks.

Don’t make a list of new years resolutions. A better plan is to make one resolution and stick to it.

As the body uses glucose during self-control, it starts to crave sweet things to eat which is bad news for people hoping to use their self-control to avoid sweet. When people have more demand for self-control in their daily lives, their hunger for sweet increases.

Don’t skimp on calories when you are trying to deal with more serious problems and then being overweight. If you are a smoker, don’t try quitting while you are also on a diet. To quit you might even consider adding some calories, because part of what seems to be a craving for a cigarette may actually be a craving for food once you are no longer suppressing your appetite with nicotine.

When you eat, go for the slow burn. To maintain a steady self control, you are better off eating food with low glycemic index: most vegetables, nuts, many row fruit, cheese, fish, meat, olive oil, and other good fats. When you are tired, sleep. Adults routinely shortchange themselves and sleep, and the result is less self-control.

Who had not slept enough where more likely than others to take advantage of an opportunity to cheat.

People care more about what other people know about them then about what they know about themselves.

Can willpower be strengthened? The more the body suffers, the more the spirit flowers.

A panel of psychologists:

Forget about self-esteem. Work on self-control.

If you look at the examination tests in colleges in the USA it looks like that Chinese-Americans and Japanese Americans have a higher IQ than white Americans or Europeans. However, when I Q was measured Asian Americans and Japanese Americans had slightly lower IQ then Europeans they just could use it better.

People working in any professions, like physicians, scientist, accountants generally have an IQ above certain threshold. For white Americans, that threshold is an IQ of 110, but Chinese-Americans manage to get the same elite jobs with an IQ of only 103. Chinese-American parents were determined to instill self-control my following to train, to govern, and to love. These parents might have seemed cold and rigid by American standards, but their children were flourishing both in and out of school.

No sleepovers, no play days. Chinese parents have two things over their Western counterparts.

  1. Higher dreams for their children.
  2. High regard for their children in the sense of knowing how much they can take.

When I ironed my grandfather shirt, he insisted on paying me because I did it so well he told me I did it better than my grandmother, and I love that feeling of accomplishment. That’s the way your self-esteem comes from, not from being told you are the greatest.

Evolution favored people who could survive famines, so once the body has gone through their experience of not getting enough to eat, it reacts by fighting to keep all the pounds it has. When you diet, your body assumes there is a famine and hangs onto every fat cell it has. The ability to lose weight through a drastic diet ought to be conserved as a precious one-time capability. Your body can do it only once in lifetime. Perhaps you’ll need it later in life, when your health or your survival will depend on being able to lose weight.

Adam Wojnar

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